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What is a Statutory Agent?

What is a registered agent

A statutory agent is the same thing as a registered agent. Most states call this a registered agent, but the term  Statutory agent, is commonly used in older circles of corporate lawyers.

    A statutory agent has a couple main duties:

  • To be open or available during normal business hours to accept service of process or any legal notification.
  • To maintain good contact information and communication with the responsible parties of the entity the statutory agent is serving as registered agent of.
  • To forward and make sure the client receives and understands the notifications the statutory agent receives.

A statutory agent cannot be the same name as the business entity. A statutory agent also has to have a real physical office where anyone could deliver service of process.

The statutory agent is appointed on articles of incorporation, articles of organization, or certificates of authority of out of state business registrations.

We provide statutory agent service in all 50 states.